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Welcome Home - 'If these walls could talk"

Welcome Home - 'If these walls could talk"

Road To The Rebel Bred Clothing Store Part 1


Sitting at the Soul Food Festival event this September with a returning customer. The returning customer asks me, if I have any more shorts like he purchased at the last event I saw him. I point him to the sweatpants and let him know, the quality of those sweatpants are just as good as the shorts he purchased back in June. Being that fall is fast approaching, I believed he would appreciate the sweat suit and the comfortability that comes along with them. He then browses the urban streetwear brand and gives me a compliment on the inspirational clothing brand, a compliment I humbly accept, despite the awkwardness that comes along with hearing such accolades. He follows the compliment with a question, "how'd you come up with all of this?". That question sends my mind raising back about 5 to 6 years, when I first thought, it's time to go on your life's journey and find out what you're really made for. At that point in my life, I had no idea I even had a creative bone in my body. I was working in a bank where I was closed off from my imaginative power. My girlfriend at the time challenged me to think about the talents I possessed. I finally built up the courage to think about what I could create with my God given gifts. I was always able to connect easily with others, I always liked to motivate others and keep them in good spirits. Then there was the fact I loved history and believed as an African American man, we should tell the stories of our ancestors. That mixed with my newly blossoming relationship with God, created the foundation for Rebel Bred Clothing. 

To be continued...


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