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The Importance of Mental Hygiene

The Importance of Mental Hygiene

They are very calm, still creatures. They don't chase after anything. They camo, wait and things come to them. They're patient. They focus on what they want and have good precision. They can take down things bigger than them. They are fighters, if anything comes after them. They operate off vibrations and frequencies. When we make effort to have good mental hygiene, we can operate on that same level. They show what it means to be steadfast. Be ready. Be brave. They may move slow, but their attack is quick. Moving in silence. Following our intuition. They see in 3D and their heads turn 180, so they're aware of environment. When our mental hygiene is good...our concentration and awareness can be very similar. 
Now envision that these "insects" catch n eat their prey live. Small birds, snakes, lizards included. All off patience, calmness, concentration and precision. 

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