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Special Collaboration with Dancing Gnome Brewery

Special Collaboration with Dancing Gnome Brewery

So, during the winter, I was asked to help redesign this year’s Pounce beer can for the local brewery Dancing Gnome. This is the first time I’ve been ask to design anything other than clothing, so wrapping my mind around designing a beer can was at first challenging. But after looking at beer cans for weeks, I finally settled on a concept. I drew back on the core principles, I built for the brand and built the design around those principles. God, purpose, and family. When I think about my relationship with God I always think about the image of The Sun. There is a specific reason I think of the Sun. During my meditation years ago, I was shown the symbol of the Sun. That image stuck with me and I wanted to share the design on this project. The rising Sun can be seen on this beer can, with the Rebel Bred Eagle emerging out of the rising Sun. This can, will have a matte texture as well. This collaboration will be releasing on June 19th for all to purchase. Also, we will be having a pop up at the Dancing Gnome brewery Friday June 24th starting at 6pm! Invitations will go out soon. Even if you’re not a beer drinker this is a great memorabilia piece, if you’re a Rebel Bred supporter or community member. I can’t wait to see this label wrapped around the actual can Power of Creativity 🦅🙏🏽

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