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Rebel Bred University

Rebel Bred University

Rebel Bred University is more than just a creative design within the Rebel Bred Clothing Line. Rebel Bred University was created with the intentions to emphasize education and inspiration within the culture. As life moves along and distractions start to multiply within your everyday life, I believe it is important to focus on self-education and progression. As human beings there is so much to learn during a life-span. Schools teach us basic learning tools such as mathematics, reading, and limited world history but many of the lessons learned in school cannot be applied after graduation. Rebel Bred University focuses on higher dimension education such as spirituality, creativity, and servitude of others. Rebel Bred University is a reminder to educate, uplift, and inspire yourself and others around you. After all, life is not about how much material possessions someone can gain in their lifetime. Life is about how you can help and impact others and the love that is spread over your lifetime!

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  • Monica Gray: February 16, 2021

    💯Peace & Continued ⬆️Blessings

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