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Prepare The Way ( Rising Streetwear)

Prepare The Way ( Rising Streetwear)

Forgive us, It's been awhile since we've last posted a blog write up. So, let's catch up on a few developments and then move into some exciting new news for the brand. Last year was a trying time for everyone, as we had our worlds turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic. Just before the pandemic took over the world we were riding on a high after celebrating MLK Day at one of our new partner stores The DJ Connection Store. The DJ Connection store was a really cool concept created by DJ T.J. Harris where you could come buy streetwear while also shopping for vintage vinyl records. Unfortunately, Covid-19 impacted the store to the point were they were forced to close in May of 2020. Last January we had premiered our Harriet Tubman "Lead By Faith, Not By Fear" sweatshirts which were a huge hit with the Rebel Bred Familia. This piece featured Harriet Tubman entrenched inside the twenty dollar bill instead of Andrew Jackson. Harriet Tubman showed such resilience, courage, perseverance, and faith during her triumphant journey through the underground railroad. She was a natural fit to represent the brand. 

Following the release of that sweatshirt the world changed dramatically. Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash, the virus took over the world, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor were murdered, and the president of the United States continued to divide the country. Many of our families lost love ones to the virus and many businesses were closed because of the fallout that came with the pandemic. As a brand we were forced to adapt, learn, and move forward. 

Some updates that you may notice. The website has been updated. There are many new products to shop for to close out the winter. Also, we connected with a new store, Senseless Pgh and also Shop PG&H, where you can buy products through a physical location. We have put out new designs like the eros - language of love and the hidden gems sweat suits. Check out our Ascension long sleeve t-shirt and all the cool winter hats that come along with the fresh clothing. Keep your eyes out for the new sneaker releases and match them up with your favorite Rebel Bred Clothing!


As Always -  Prepare The Way


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