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Know Who You Are?

Know Who You Are?

Know Who You Are
Know the Strength, Fortitude, and Grit From which you came......
When you look over our history, by the odds given we should be an endangered broken species,
however, if you know us as a people we are survivors...There are certain things that no man can take
from you know matter how much they try, even through the shedding of blood stained tears.
They could not take her thoughts or her heart, as she sat nursing that infant whose mother could not
produce the needed milk for her child. So many thoughts had to run through the minds of the women
who were forced to nurse children they did not birth. She thought he can one day become my master or
rape my daughter, as I sit here and give him the substance that will allow him to live, he will one day
turn his nose down on me and my offspring as if we are less then him. While playing the subordinate
role she thought “I am smarter in ways that they have no knowledge of”, when I am alone after all my
work is done, I will sneak away and self-educate, so I will not be ignorant to the knowledge of my
“Master”. One day I will read, one day I will be free, one day I will no longer eat from the pig’s trough, no
longer will our sons and daughters be hung. I will not go backwards. I will continue to move forwards. I
will not be inferior, placed below or be secondary to any being. I don’t think so, I know who I am. I can
be the head and not the tail.
What We Represent
Fortitude- The strength to bear misfortune, pain etc. Calmly, patiently, firm courage. Applies to an
obstinate sort of courage that refuses to succumb under any circumstances. A strong heart in the face of
danger/difficulty. Courage in pain or adversity. (New Oxford American Dictionary); (Webster’s
Strength-The quality or state of being physically strong. A good or beneficial quality or attribute of a
person or thing. (New Oxford American Dictionary)
Grit-Courage and resolve; strength of character. (New Oxford American Dictionary)
Honor Our Ancestors
Ancestor- A person or thing that goes before or forerunner of a later thing.
The later thing has come. It is time to fulfill the dreams and hopes that our ancestors had for their sons
and daughters.
Who We Are
Kings, Queens, Inventors, Pioneers, Healers, Nurturers, Teachers, Mothers, Fathers, Soldiers,
Leaders, Soul, Trend Setters, Charisma, Melanin,
What Do We Require:
To Obtain Equality, Equity, Unity, Uprightness, Oneness, Access, and Respect
Written By: Patricia Brooks and Siobhan Brooks
Photo Credit: Sean Carroll

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