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Introducing Rebel Bred International 1st Edition

Introducing Rebel Bred International 1st Edition

Rebel Bred International

“Building Bridges Not Walls”

Introducing Rebel Bred International a universal design for 2019 that embraces like minded rebels around the world. It takes a certain breed of person to evoke positive change in a situation, a group of people, or in themselves. Rebel Bred International was created to break all geographical boundaries. Instead, Rebel Bred International celebrates all courageous human beings that have or will impact the world in a positive manner. If you have sacrificed your time, money and much more, in order to move the culture forward you qualify for this group.    

Over the year of 2019 we will celebrate different cultures throughout the world, hence the term Rebel Bred International.

The 1st culture we are highlighting is those of us from African descent. Being that it is black History month we feel it is important to highlight the Motherland, Africa. Widely known as the birthplace for all mankind. The continent of such diverse, rich and royal culture, it is important to pay homage to the motherland. Following the transatlantic slave trade which transported 11 million Africans to the western hemisphere, claiming 2 million lives before landfall and millions more afterwards. There has been a disconnect between our relatives. Despite the disconnection the growth of black culture is ever growing throughout the world.

Africa is the most mineral rich continent in the world. Because of that fact, Africa has been exploited by people who don’t value the continent beyond its riches. Though there is much growth and opportunity throughout the continent. There is also much chaos and destruction.

The good news is that with time, unity, and effective leadership, Africa will regain its glory. Salute to the Motherland.

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Stay Tuned For The 2nd Edition of  The Rebel Bred International series!!!

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