Black History Month Celebration 2021

Well here we are in the year 2021. After such a tumultuous year in 2020, now more than ever is a time to celebrate life! Here at Rebel Bred Clothing as you know, we always make it a point to celebrate the ones who came before us and the struggles they endured. This year we celebrate with two exciting designs! The first design is a familiar one, our Harriet Tubman, Lead By Faith, Not By Fear is here to represent! What a great African-American hero, who's determination led her out of slavery to freedom and beyond. The second urban streetwear design that is making it's grand premiere is the Kente cloth infused lightweight hoodie, The "Transatlantic". A design inspired by Ghanaian Kente cloth. This hoodie is in honor of the many lives impacted by the transatlantic slave trade on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. What are you waiting for? It's time to honor, celebrate, and Prepare The Way.